New Company President, Multiple Innovative Ideas, Weight Loss Goal, And Behavior

Much of what happens to us in a day is the result of old behavior patterns that worked for us in the past — of

Women, O’Leary, Recent CNBC Event, And Pragmatic Financial Data

At a recent CNBC event, I spoke with Kevin O?Leary, who you may know as the shrewd and calculating entrepreneur and investor that goes by the nickname ?Mr. Wonderful? on ABC?s hit TV show The Shark Tank. As we talked about investments, O?Leary revealed to me something that took me aback: ?Women?, he…

Shark Tank, Simple Sugars, Chocolate Lip Balm, And Rose Body Scrub

Don’t know what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? You can’t go wrong with roses, chocolate, wine, jewelry or flowers, but — thanks to Shark Tank’s many entrepreneurs — you can also get more creative with V. Day.

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