About Us

About Us

SharkTankTVShow.com is owned and operated by AngelNetwork.com LLC (www.AngelNetwork.com) and is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find investment capital, but only after they have had the proper training to be prepared to present to investors.  All to often entrepreneurs have an opportunity to present to angel investors only to blow the chance to get funding because they don't even understand the basic "language of capital". 

AngelNetwork.com has been serving the needs of High Net Worth Investors and Entrepreneurs since 1997.  For more information please visit http://www.angelnetwork.com or call 724–638-7289.

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  1. Chuck Nadeau says:

    Where is shark tank studio located

  2. Rev. Sandra Jewell says:

    Greetings, we are interested in locating the Celebrant/Officiant from last week\’s show. Our minitry is considering investing with her. She was the African American Female who starte the company in honor of her mother. Thanks

    I love your show. Glad it is back. Dr. Jewell

  3. Eva says:

    We searching for TV producers and partners worldwide

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    Respectfully Eva

  4. tyler says:

    im 11 years old and i have a great invention.i do not wana give my idea away over this blog so please email me so we can talk in private. i know i am young but this invention is awesome. it is something for golfers and fishingmen. all the kids and aldults i have showcased my product to has loved it! thanks for your time

  5. pbavishi says:

    please call me at 727-463-2353.

  6. anne vigliarolo says:

    sharks, our entire family loves your show. we are excited when friday evening rolls around, and are quite disappointed if we miss it. you guys and gal are amazing, and your show is exciting, as well as educational. thank you.

  7. Sarah M says:

    I am looking for an investor in restaurant and entertainment business for my big project. This type of approach will work well since this idea is not exploited yet. Please call 1 647 466 9044/1 647 342 0496. Thanks Sarah

  8. Joanna Valerioti says:

    I am trying to find a way of purchasing Chill soda, but can’ t locate their website.
    Do you have any contact information for the owner of this company?
    I live in Ocala Fl. And am VERY interested in finding such a product to drink!
    I would order on line, or go to a store in my area if they carry it.
    I think should be in every supermarket, mini-mart, gas station,etc.
    There area lot of people who love soda nut have health issues that prohibit them drinking it!
    Bring it on..please!

  9. Keisha Marie says:

    I have an idea for a product that I believe has excellent earnings potential. Ideally, I am looking for an existing company that already manufactures a similar product and would be willing to incorporate my product into their line. Unfortunately for me, I have no idea how to approach a

  10. Keisha Marie says:

    I have an idea for a product(s) that I believe has excellent earnings potential. Ideally, I am looking for an existing company that already manufactures a similar product and would be willing to incorporate my product(s) into their line. Unfortunately for me, I have no idea how to approach a company and introduce them to my product. I have already put together a clear brochure detailing the entire series line. I have an upcoming appointment with ‘InventHelp’ and would like to speak to one of YOUR representatives before said meeting. I appreciate your assistance, Keisha.

  11. I am a retired K-12 educator and author of: THEIR PLACE IN HISTORY ‘An Anthology of WWII Autobiographies”. Honestly, teachers have the hardest job in the world swimming in a tank of sharks. Most of us rose up from the lower-middle class and stayed in the most intellectual lower-middle class, yet we have one thing in common with the Wall Street gurus; we are products of the greatest generation. Their primary source of true tales in my in more than twenty interviews are guidelines for redeeming grace and integrity for saving America’s people.’The Invisible Hand’ at the economic foundation our rise to victory promoted integrity, creativity and intelligence, increased revenue and raised the bar for a standard of living for all Americans. Once their true tails of honor slip further into the abyss what made America grate it won’t be Sharks in the Tank won’t be the educators at the heart of greatness but merely meals Sharks in a tank swimming around until they consume each other. You and I owe it to lead the next generations of Americans to Financial Greatness. Take a Lesson from them: Success is not Greed is cooked up to be! I personally don’t have the resources available
    to for promotion, premier technology and publicity. Sharon J. Nicholson, educator

  12. dean howell says:

    I have an idea for a product that i truely believe
    will change the way fisherman fish. im looking to try an find some company who maybe intrested in a Really awesome product. please respond by e-mail

    Thank you in advance should you respond.

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  14. Mike Wilson says:

    I have been trying to re-start my company since 2010, I have self invested over $100,000 in 2007 for startup after working three jobs and single parent. The recession all but killed us. I applied to sba for emergency help and was dumped saying they “ran out of stimious funds”. I developed a new military rescue vehicle the pentagon has shown interest in but want a demo, such the good news but no cap. to produce a demo vehicle. Hence why I need ur help.

  15. Linda Boser says:

    I have an idea that will revolutionize the healthcare industry. It is simple yet will require some work. I currently own a business I took over with 50 dollars and we’ve been making it work. All this from some one who was homeless 4 years ago. Now, I’d like to beginning adding the next steps to make this dream a reality. 9288309909 / 9282778263

  16. Teresa Cardenas says:

    Do you have to be asking for capital or can you go on for a licensing deal?

  17. Danny Cowell says:

    I have the chance to start a company in the oilfield I have people in high upper management that is willing to help me get the jobs if I can get the trucks & backhoes to do the work Its a chance of a life time I just need the backing to get started if any one is willing to help me just give me a call I have numbers worked out on income per month thanks for any help at all Danny phone 479-276-7109

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